The Best Race for Warlock in World of Warcraft

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At the beginning of the this article, I think it is necessary to let you know that it is not the only answer that which race can be the best one for warlock, because each wowers have their own playstyle of farmingwow gold and character abilities, so maybe them have their own opinions about it.61c3df0b8c0ae5dfdc4665de2eacf1e9

Horde players can choose from three races when creating a warlock: blood elf, orc, and undead. Although starting stats are slightly different for each race, they are not different enough for stat differences to matter when selecting a race. At level 80, six points of Intellect is not that big a deal. When choosing a race, you should only consider the benefits of racial traits.

Blood Elf 
Blood Elves receive two racial traits that are of minor benefit in specific situations.

Arcane Torrent silences enemies within 8 yards and restores 6% of the warlock’s mana. The silence aspect of this trait is really only useful in PVP since enemies in PVE are usually at near maximum range. Additionally, warlocks already have an easier time managing their mana pool thanks to Life Tap. 
Magic Resistance reduces the chance the blood elf will be hit by spells by 2%. This ability has very limited usefulness since warlocks in PVE are only attacked when unable to properly manage threat.

Orcs have three abilities that effect warlocks. 
Blood Fury increases the warlocks spell power for 15 seconds. These results in a massive damage boost and are useful in both PVE and PVP situations. 
Command increases the damage done by warlock demons (pets) by 5%. This is most useful for soloing and Demonology specked raiders. Warlocks rely heavily on their pets when soloing. A 5% increase in damage not only kills mobs faster, it allows pets to generate more threat and hold aggro off the warlock better. In dungeon and raid settings, this translates to a direct damage boost for warlock demons. Hardiness reduces the duration of stun effects by 15%. This trait is mainly beneficial in PVP situations, but can occasionally by useful in PVE.

This is my opinion towards which one is the best race for warlock in world of warcraft, if you have your own ideas about it, you can share your idea with me in
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